When I was younger--high school age I guess-- if I could have chosen only one superpower to have, it would have been to be invisible. I could spy on people, see what they were really like, go anywhere without being caught, hang around naked girls, sneak into places that are normally off limits, get free admission to concerts, movies, ride on planes for free, whatever.

I'd have a different superpower now, if I could choose. It would be the power to never have to sleep. For a superpower, it's pretty mundane, but I would love it. There are too many things I want the time to do. I want to play lots of different video games, including old ones I've never had a chance to replay, read books I have backlogged in a stack by my bed, spend time with Rachel, work on my level design stuff, write, and also I have to go to work. I already stay up too late and don't give myself enough sleep, but needing absolute zero sleep--awake 24 hours a day, 8760 hours a year... That would be awesome.

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