I saw this game at CompUSA the other day and found the cover to be sort of sad/funny.

Check out the main dude! NO-LOOK SHOT! I bet like 30 Nazis are dying offscreen at that exact moment. It's a pretty weak cover, nonsense and all, but I can perfectly imagine the decision-making process that led to it: The original version of the cover was just the main dude carrying his injured buddy to safety. It spoke of cameraderie, desperation, fortitude... brothers in arms! But then the marketing people saw it. This is a game about shooting, right? People who want to shoot guns aren't going to buy this game if they just see a cover with a main dude on it who totally isn't shooting a gun. It's cool, you don't have to change the whole thing, just put a muzzle flash right about... here... done! Perfect! TOTALLY MAKES SENSE, I LOVE IT! Good work guys, good work.

Video games are stupid.

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