Minerva's Den

It's officially announced! The upcoming story DLC for BioShock 2 is called Minerva's Den-- a new part of Rapture with its own story, featuring a cast of new characters plus a few familiar faces.

I was writer and Lead Designer on the project (as well as designing the first level myself...) and while I can't say much more about it yet, I can say that I'm extremely proud of what our team accomplished. Lots of new stuff is packed in there for one DLC! New levels, new story, new weapon, new Plasmid, new enemy and bot variants, even a new type of Big Daddy!

It's funny: I guess this makes me some sort of specialist on expansion content. My first design job was on an expansion pack for FEAR, then I worked on a direct sequel, and now an expansion for that direct sequel. I look at it as a blessing, really: never underestimate the value of working on top of a stable base.

Anyway, I'm really excited for people to start exploring Minerva's Den. It's a little project, but one with a lot of heart, I feel. Look for more info soon.


Unknown said...

It looks incredible Steve. You guys continue to please my gaming sensibilities. Bioshock and Bioshock 2 are games in which exploring the game space is nearly as fun as the combat and interactions themselves.

It's a definite purchase from me.

Armchair Developer said...

Knowing how direct a hand you had in the single player DLC makes me look forward to it all the more. I've found the Bioshock games are among the most narratively compelling and immersive FPS games in recent memory, and I'm sure your design sensibility has continued that trend.

BeamSplashX said...

Being a DLC/expansion design expert actually sounds great- someone who knows that special something the original game could use to spark a desire to play it again.

Nels Anderson said...

never underestimate the value of working on top of a stable base.

Good lord, truer words have never been spoken.

Again, this is wicked Steve. Looking forward to see what happens when your hand is on the helm.