Casting 3

In an attempt to provide coverage over the Christmas break, I recently recorded two podcasts in a row with the Idle Thumbs crew: one is available now, the other should run next week. This week's is a weird one, where we spend most of our time talking about old simulation games and other seemingly (but not!) boring stuff. Also covered: the origins of indie shooter Retro/grade, a city-building MMO, and Emily Dickinson tech demos.

Minotaur China Shop
Gamasutra Last Express retrospective
Peter Molyneux's "Emily Dickinson" presentation
SimCity 4: Rush Hour
Bus Driver
Eric Kaltman's blog

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with Remo's nearly audible eye roll on the Molyneux demo. The Room was pretty awesome at the time, despite the shoehorning of Dickinson references. In fact it was the vague inspiration for a personal game prototype I began myself some time ago. Maybe if I shoehorn in some Keats I'll actually finish it.