Today a friend gave me a small plush Mario head. Somewhat distressingly it has a cavity carved out of the top of its skull, to function as a cell phone holder apparently. It's cute though.

The disembodied head reminded me of the profile select menu from Super Mario Galaxy, wherein the 3D-rendered heads of your Miis float and spin in space. And then I thought of the custom action figures you can order of your character in WoW. And the plush Weighted Companion Cube from Valve.

How cool would it be if you could upload your Mii to Nintendo, and they'd create a little plush version of its head as a keychain/cell phone dangly/cell phone holder/general purpose plush ball? Seems possible, considering the limited number of variables that can make up a Mii. What a funny gift to give to your friends: a little plush version of your own cartoon head. I'd buy one probably.

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