Went on a bit of a voyage this morning. Well, more like a short jaunt. But I dug up some interesting material that I'd missed first go-round.

  • I believe I came upon Magical Wasteland via his comments on someone else's blog (lovely how that works.) This post on industry keynotes is particularly scathing and hilarious (though I gather it's old news for those more attentive than me.) I was also happy to rediscover this awful piece of writing which I myself had noticed a while back.
  • Via the above, I read through a good deal of Unobscured View, a blog on the business of game development by an honest-to-god industry veteran of 20+ years. This eye-opening post in particular might make one think very bad things about the prospect of entering into a deal with a large publisher.
  • Borut Pfeifer is another blogger/developer who's had an article or two published on Gamasutra/GameSetWatch. His link collections are much funnier and more exciting than mine.
  • I'm a year and a half late on this piece as well, but it seems terribly right-headed and sensible. I like to think that the article comes as a challenge: for game criticism to become a relevant field, we as developers need to get up and make games that are worthy of serious criticism. Easier said than done, but I'll give it a shot if you will.

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