Followup: Waves

The way I ended up addressing the scripting of the sequence described in post "Waves" below:

When the player triggers the industrial lift in the combat area, a safety fence rises around it, preventing the player from leaving the lift until it reaches its destination. The lift takes 60 seconds in transit. Engaging the lift triggers five CAI-- four grunts and one heavy armor-- to spawn in the previous room, and they enter the combat area through the connecting door. These CAI fire at the player from the floor of the combat room, taking cover behind obstacles, and the player (presumably) returns fire. Each of the four grunts has an OnDeath command associated with them, which spawns another CAI in the previous room. The Heavy does not. Hereby, each of the four grunts is replaced with another grunt once it dies. The replacement grunts have no OnDeath command. So, the player faces a maximum of five CAI at any given time, and a total of 9 overall, the replacement schedule making the enemies' press near-constant until the challenge is complete. In my testing, I normally mow down the last enemy within 5 to 10 seconds of the lift reaching its endpoint. The safety fence lowers and the player is free to proceed, or to jump down onto the combat floor and collect the enemies' weapons. The obstacles the enemies had used for cover now form a series of platforms that lead back up from the combat floor onto the lift, and to the exit from the room.

I'm happy with it.

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