I dug into the Fallout 3 editor this afternoon and threw a new item into the mix. With this mod installed, the player will occasionally come across a can of Dinki-Di dog food out in the wastes. Either eat it yourself to regain a few hitpoints, or better: give it to Dogmeat through his follower dialogue. Each time he eats a can of nutritious Dinki-Di, Dogmeat will grow just a bit tougher and more effective in combat.

An unobtrusive mod that should layer well over the base game or other plugins. Just for kicks. Untested in the longterm, may result in an unstoppable superdog over the course of a full campaign.

Download it here: Dinki-Di dog food mod for Fallout 3
Unzip into your base Fallout 3 install directory. Check dogfood.esp under Data Files in the Fallout 3 launcher and play.


Mundinator said...

Sigh...great sounding mob, but the 360 is not customizable. :(

Unknown said...

I'd love to see more easy to use low level modding tools for games in general, and esp for console. On FC2 we looked at our options for making a game-mode editor, for example - in addition to justa level editor. No time, sadly, with having to deliver all platforms, SP, MP and the editor itself... but a tool like this conceivably is not that hard. Obviously, the ability to make equipment and stuff is awesome for a massive RPG... not as much for a shooter, but yeah... anyway - like Mundy, I have the 360 version (still in the plastic, actually...)

Steve gaynor said...

Re Clint: I think some games have been fairly successful at this kind of player-as-systems-designer experience via the fictionalized mechanics themselves; the spell-creating system from (Bethesda's own) Oblivion comes to mind. They made the system flexible enough that high-level players practically had the keys to all the dev-side spell-authoring stats, allowing for some really creative (and game-breaking) effects.

Don't beat yourself up over not including a systems editor with FC2. The level editor you guys shipped with the console versions definitely went above and beyond.

Steve gaynor said...

Though to be fair, I did wish I could apply the level editor to the single-player map to add enemy compounds and such.

Unknown said...

Clint -- I made at least one map with FC2, and I thought it was great! The only issue is 'is it worth building maps for such a small community'?

Steve -- I'm not clear on what an open world editor is (I've got the 360 version) -- is it strictly systems (mod) based? I never played around with Oblivion's editor.

Steve gaynor said...

Nick: the Bethesda editors are simply the tools used by the game's developers to make the original product. You can add items, NPCs, entirely new areas and so forth, as well as altering anything from the original game.