The first teaser for BioShock 2 has been cell phone cammed and youtubed.

Update: the real deal has been unveiled.

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Kirk Battle said...

There's something oddly surreal about discussing a game locked under non-disclosure status on the blog of a person helping to develop the game.

I know how obnoxious back seat fan directions can be but after watching the trailer...it would be interesting if the cultural themes implied by the music were explored. Noel Coward, Django Reinhardt, and Billie Holiday are all emblematic of the cheer and hope that Rapture represented. Since this game looks like it's an older, possibly disillusioned approach to the game's environment, it'd be awesome if the music reflected that. Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, and Delta Blues music that were the themes of the great depression would all be emblematic of a broken world, instead of the idealic one that first game explored.

Then again, that would imply someone was selling music down there and...you know, I'll leave this to the pro's.