This month's issue of Official Xbox Magazine (with Fable 2 on the cover) contains a lovely little write-up of 2K Marin (including a team photo where you can see my smilin' mug.) Like the cover says, meet the minds behind BioShock 2! Nice being in print. On newsstands now.

Edit: I just noticed that every single game mentioned on that cover is a sequel.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll actually buy some print media now. Are you dressed up like a Big Daddy in the pic?

Steve gaynor said...

Yes, I'm easy to spot.

Anonymous said...

Luckily sequels work in videogameland. In movies, not so much.

Makes you wonder though.. is it the iterative thing? Why is that?

Movie sequels try and "re-invent" the original move and usually fuck it up.

Game sequels are often more of a refinement with tweaks, as well as a continuation of the story.

Think about how many successful movie sequels there have been. Star Wars, Godfather, and Toy Story? Is that it?

I can name many many more successful game sequels.

Must be the interactive factor.