The highway is kind of horrific. I've been doing a lot of highway driving lately for my job (about an hour every day,) and it's the only place I'm routinely exposed to the indignity of death, at 80 mph no less. This morning I saw unidentifiable lumps of shredded meat between two lanes, probably a misguided forest creature but maybe someone's former pet? Who needs that in their head? On the off-ramp into Novato I saw a dead little spotted fawn curled up on the shoulder. I'll sometimes see people's dogs, golden retrievers and such, that apparently escaped from their truck bed or back window, pathetically laid out against the center divider.

I dunno, it's just strange how getting a new job has indirectly exposed me to seeing all these poor dead things. If I notice something in my peripheral vision along the side of the 101, I kind of dread looking directly at it, because who really wants to look over and see some sad, dead animal lying there in the middle of their morning? What a world!!

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Kirk Battle said...

You definitely need to get this into Bioshock 2. Ideas are everywhere!