The playable demo for F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate, a standalone expansion by TimeGate studios, has been released!

I was responsible for creating this demo, but most of the content isn't mine. I grabbed large sections from one level created by Shane Paluski and another by James Kneuper, a nightmare sequence from one of Sam Villareal's levels, stitched them all together, cleaned up some elements, added more of my own (including the final room,) did a bunch of bugfixing, and voila, there we have it: one playable demo that is truly a team effort.

I'm happy with all our work on the demo. It's a fun little playthrough, looks nice, and does a good job of illustrating what Perseus Mandate is all about. I hope that if you're a F.E.A.R. fan looking forward to the expansion, or just a gamer who happens to try it out on a whim, that you enjoy the experience we've put together.


Anonymous said...

What are Perseus Mandate's surroundings like compared to FEAR? I haven't finished FEAR yet, though I've mostly enjoyed it so far. It's just that I don't think I can play through more office buildings and warehouses after Bioshock.

-- brkl

Steve gaynor said...

There's a fair amount of new environments mixed in with more familiar settings. I'll mention specifics because they've been shown in preview videos: some new environments include the canals outside the city, the city streets and alleyways themselves, a computer data core, the abandoned "Old Town" Underground beneath the city, a mining operation made up of winding caves, and a metallic, high-tech cloning facility.

Some offices and research labs do return however. If you haven't played Extraction Point, the first expansion, you might check out F.E.A.R. Files for the 360, which includes both Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate in one package.