Okay, so!

I have what I'd call a release candidate of BENEATH prepared and ready to install! If you are somehow reading this, but haven't already been contacted by me to test the map, download it...


It's an auto-installer that provides a shortcut to run FEAR with the BENEATH module enabled. Just start a new game after launching the BENEATH shortcut.

If you play this, give me feedback: steve.gaynor@gmail.com

I'll throw in a couple of screenshots while I'm at it, to remind you what this is all about:

"This level is not considered a prequel, sequel, or continuation of the original game's story, but a "what if?" What if F.E.A.R. were a tiny, inexperienced agency, whose existence was based entirely on the whim of an eccentric Army general who'd begun to take wartime ghost stories a little too seriously? What if F.E.A.R. primarily investigated "anomalous" incidents-- flukes, rumors-- that no other agency cared to waste their time on? What if the F.E.A.R. crew never expected to stumble across any significant threats while chasing shadows... and then suddenly, they did?

Coincidentally, recruit, it's your first night on the job. And you think you're in for a walk in the park."

I am fairly confident this will be the final version, but we'll see. Let me know what you think :-)

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