Update on BENEATH's progress since my last post:

None :-(

While switching up my hardware in preparation for a system upgrade, I ended up reinstalling Windows. This screwed up my copy of the FEAR toolkit, and attempting to reinstall only screwed it up further. I formatted the drive and reinstalled Windows again, but now attempting to install the FEAR SDK (again) returns an error message. I don't know what's going on. I'm attempting to download all the FEAR patches and SDK versions (again) in hopes that I'll be able to get WorldEdit working (again) ASAP. For the time being, I don't have access to my map. It's getting irritating.

I've also been playing Hitman: Blood Money. I think I'm fairly close to the end now. I'm lovin' it. After about four solid years of disappointing, lackluster Hitman sequels that failed to live up to the original game, they finally rediscovered what makes the series great. The Mardi Gras level is awesome, as anticipated. The experience of simply being in the crowd isn't that mindblowing, but the mission entails actively tracking a couple of different people through the crowd, which is something I've never played out in a game before. Trying to keep track of your mark's bobbing head as he weaves through the dense crowd in the middle of the night is really intense and engaging. Blood Money is awesome.

Between finishing that up and getting my damn level editor running again, I hope to be making more progress on BENEATH very soon.

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