I thought this was a nice angle on the space I 've been working with most recently

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I guess it's a little silly to be proud of a curved tunnel and a box with some columns, but I think the space is working really well at this point. I laid it out and set three heavy guards in it as opposition, but it was pretty boring. So I added a remote turret into the room for the player to use, and a couple of the smaller stock enemies to break up the pacing of the fight-- a couple of quicker, more mobile bees buzzing around the three big bears staring you down with their heavy weapons. Between the tunnel allowing two points of entry and retreat, varied platform elevation in the main chamber, a couple different kinds of cover, and that turret feature, I think this encounter went from pretty poor to one of the better ones in the map.

So there's another room all greened out. About three more to go.
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